Hey, WorldSurfers!
As you know, our beautiful capital Moscow has recently had its 870th birthday. We didn’t miss a chance to celebrate the occasion and devoted our club’s meeting #84 to the anniversary of our fabulous, never-sleeping city! Find below a detailed report of the meeting.
Due to harsh competition in Moscow labour market, self-employment is increasingly becoming a common feature for more and more of the citizens. Ekaterina Epikhina shared with the audience her story of becoming a freelancer. In her CC project #2 entitled “How to organize your life when you are a freelancer” Ekaterina provided some valuable tips concerning what essential changes should be made to the way of life and what habits should be embraced in order to become a self-organized person. Always wanted to follow suit but still hesitating? Follow Ekaterina’s advice and give it a try!
No multinational city is immune to the problem of polution, and our birthday city is by no means an exception. Artur Tuzbekov brought up a highly urgent ecological subject in his CC project #3 entitled “What could you do?” Artur proved that ecological issues are a matter of concern for every Moscow citizen and justified this claim by some troublesome statistics on the degree of pollution in the city. He also encouraged all of us to observe some simple but effective rules that could significantly contribute to the improvement of ecological situtation in Moscow.
It is common knowledge that Russian people in general, and Muscovites in particular, are known to be fond of spending their summer time in Cyprus. In her CC project #4 entitled “Why do Russian people go to Cyprus?Maria Tikhomirova provided an interesting insight into why this country had long been a favourite destination for our people. Maria came to the conclusion that the most likely reason could be Cyprian hasteless pace of life, free from extensive traffic jams and daily rush – features which have come to constitute an integral attribute of our capital’s image.
Table Topic session, led by Kristina Sharykina, was perfectly maintained in line with the general theme of the meeting. Each participant was asked to name his or her favourite place in Moscow and explain the reasons why it had come to occupy a special place in his or her heart. We are delighted to announce that the winner of the TT session has been our special foreign guest Robert. Congratulations, Robert, on your award!
Thank you for such a cozy and exciting meeting, and looking forward to meeting you all next time!