Learn by Doing

Toastmasters International was founded in 1924, and since then it has been the most recognized educational system for improving your Public Skills. As of 2018, this organization has over 345000 members in 15900 clubs across 142 countries and it keeps growing. Since its establishment Toastmasters has produced outstanding Public Speakers worldwide, no matter what their background was. Below you may find the speech our member S. Saprykin was preparing for Toastmasters Moscow Area contest 2017. It is a good example of the level a Toastmaster could get to, even when coming from a world outside of Public Speaking, as S. Saprykin did.

This is not our only example. Since 2014 WorldSurfers has produced numerous other exemplary speakers we are very proud of, and helped hundreds of others raise their public speaking skills level and say good bye to the fear of speaking in public. What unites these Toastmasters is that it wasn’t their natural talent they were born with that got them to the level they are at. Instead, it was a constant practice and hundreds of speeches delivered in public that made them the speakers they are today. This is the core Toastmasters principle – you learn by doing. WorldSurfer club provides you with a perfect opportunity to practice your Public Skills over and over again, until You become that outstanding Toastmaster. 

Flexible Program

Whether you want to develop persuasive skills, learn to be influential or even improve leadership skills, Toastmasters offers you 10 programs (called Paths) that you can choose from. This makes your education tailored specifically to your needs.

Once you become a member you will get online access to a Path of your choice. Each Path contains up to 15 projects that you will be practicing at our club. Every project has a special set of criteria that you will need to meet to pass it.

Get Evaluated

We pay special attention to the feedback our speakers get. After delivering your project you will receive multiple evaluations along with a few recommendations. At WorldSurfers you get 3 types of evaluation on each of your projects:

1. An experienced member will evaluate your project according to project’s criteria.

2. Evaluations from the audience are gathered and passed to you, to expose you to different opinions about your speech and make you more self-aware.

3. All your speeches are filmed, so you can evaluate yourself by watching a recording of your speech.