Speaker #1 Gaya Oganesyan  4.3
Project: #1, Ice-breaker
Title: Small Lovely Motherland
Manual Competent Communicator
Personal Evaluator Kristina Sharykina  4.2
Speaker #2 Pavel Kaptel  3.1 T
Project: #3, Get to the point
Title: Living through a crisis
Manual Competent Communicator
Personal Evaluator Nadezhda Zherebina  4.4


Toastmaster of the day Ekaterina Mikhaylova  4.4
General Evaluator Marina Pelepets  4.1
Table Topics Master Andrey Kosilov, CC  4.8
Joke Master Natalia Medvedeva  3.7
Thought of the day Elena Averina  3.7
Word Master + Grammarian Ekaterina Yakuba  3.4
Timer Olga Bukalova  4.5
Ah-Counter Ashot Kocharyan  3.8 T
Meeting as a whole  4.2

Note 1: Points are based on feedback from meeting participants

Note 2: T means violation of time limit (-1 avg point). Don’t violate the time limit:) 

2 Thoughts to “Meeting #22 (Feb 10, 2015)”

  1. Alla

    Why don’t you guys estimate PEs also?
    Alla 🙂

  2. admin

    PEs were in the feedback forms, the info just got lost when copying. Thanks for drawing our attention to it! Corrected already.

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