Our upcoming meeting on June 2 is going to be a special one!

WorldSurfers club members are going to choose the next Executive Committee, that is, the club’s President, Sectretary, VP Education,VP Public Relations, VP Membership, and Treasurer & Cameraman.

We urge every club member to come – either to nominate yourself for a position, or to vote! That means YOU.

We are going to listen to brief descripitons of the roles (courtesy of current EC members) and ‘election pitches’ of the candidates for every position, to help you make an informed decision. Then we all shall cast our votes.

In addition to that official part, we will have Table Topics (by Veronica Lodeikina) and a speech devoted to the Distinguished Club Program (by Max Silin), helping you to learn something useful about club organization and have some FunTM. 

So, come and take part in shaping the future of our club for the TM year to come!

Everyone to the elections!

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