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Have you wondered whether there are more men or women in the world? We have prepared some stats to satisfy your curiousity: men hold a slight lead with 102 men for 100 women, or, if we put it in percentage terms, there are 50.4% of male population and 49.6% of female population in the world. We have got inspired by the topic of gender characteristics and relationship between men and women, and in February 2018 we organized two special meetings: meeting No. 94 dedicated to Valentine’s Day and meeting No. 95 entitled “What men talk about on the occasion of the Motherland Defenders’ Day. We are delighted to provide you with a joint detailed report of the two meetings!
On February 14 the entire world celebrates the Day of Lovers. However, love is multifaceted and can take different forms – affection, passion, devotion. At our club’s meeting No. 94 we enjoyed four exciting speeches, each revealing some particular passions and devotions of the speakers, as well as things which inspire them in their lives:
Teodora Ivin shared her formula of living a happy life in her CC project #5 entitled “Minimalism, a way to happiness”: instead of being obsessed with buying lots of unnecessary material stuff, she gets inspiration from taking on new experiences and impressions;
– In her advanced project #1 entitled “660 bln, dozen pitches and Zabivaka from Speaking to inform manual Nastya Kolodina shared with the audience her long-standing passion for football and provided an informative account of what FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia is going to be like;
Maxim Luchinin delivered a very interesting speech entitled “Pantheon: behind the decorations” within advanced project #3 from Speaking to inform manual, during which he revealed the secrets of the construction and design of the world-famous historical object – Roman Pantheon;
Gaya Oganesian shared a humorous personal story with philosophical implication entitled “Life is a boomerang” within advanced project #3 from The Entertaining Speaker manual. The message of Gaya’s story is that all bad actions you make will return to you one day. But we strongly believe that this formula should definitely work in an opposite direction as well and apply to the love you give, shouldn’t it?:)
Table Topics session, led by our charming member and our newly appointed VPM Diana Al-Zubi, posed some challenging assignments for the participants. Each speaker was asked to imagine himself or herself facing a sophisticated relationship problem and speak about how he or she would cope with the situation. Some speakers were placed in particularly awakward circumstances, as their partners were present among the audience:) Nevertheless, all the speakers handled the situation in a very masterful manner, and we are delighted to congratulate Inal and Dima, who shared the title of the Best Table Topic speaker at our meeting No. 94!
Even though women are known to be champions in addiction to sweet things, in fact, men do not lag behind:) That’s why CC project #7 by Yulia Tokareva entitled “Chocolate: eat or not to eat”, delivered at our club’s meeting No.95, was of great interest to everyone in the audience – particularly, because Yulia touched upon a highly urgent matter of labour costs in the chocolate production industry.
Eating chocolate is not the only common feature of both genders; searching the meaning of life is also on the list, though the results of this search might vary significantly for men and women. Diana Al-Zubi, in her CC project #10 entitled “Are you ready to make your dream come true?” provided a three-component recipe of living a successful and satisfied life: understanding things that motivate you, identifying your bigger dream and putting efforts to make it come true.
Who are better salespeople – men or women? That might be a disputable question, but one thing is beyond any dispute: the job of a salesperson requires a number of certain essential skills: ability to listen, attention to details, persuasion etc. Mikhail Pokutny spoke about those in his advanced project #1 entitled “You want it” from Persuasive speaking manual and, together with Ekaterina Galdanova, showed a very useful and realistic role-play about a salesperson trying to sell a product to a customer who doesn’t have an explicit need in it.
Table Topics Session, led by Anna Kondrateva, was held in an unusual and yet extremely exciting way: each round featured a pair of speakers – a male and a female – who were put in some sophisticated relationship situation and had to negotiate in order to come to compromise (Looks like relationship-related Table topics are becoming our club’s feature, doesn’t it?:) We are delighted to congratulate a pair of participants who were chosen by the audience as the best family parliamentaires and became the winners of the Table Topics Session – Alan and Kseniya!
We would like to thank all the participants for making our meetings in February so exciting and memorable, and we are looking forward to seeing you all again at our club very soon!
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