Hey, WorldSurfers!

We are delighted to provide you with the detailed report of the Humorous Speech Contest which was held in our club on November, 7. We had 8 brilliant speakers, each of whom applied a whole array of different public speaking skills – vocal variety, visual aids, body language – in order to make the audience burst out with laughter as many times as possible and to convince our strict secret judges to give them the highest grades:)

Here is the digest of all the contest speeches:

– Have to face stressful situations on a daily basis? Feeling anxious most of the time? There are a number of pretty simple psychological techniques which will help you combat stress. Olga Gritsenko covered the most common of them in her speech entitled “5 steps to peace”.

– Dreaming of a fabulous backpack vacation around some wild beautiful landscape? Iceland is definitely the answer for you! Some useful tips by Yulia Tokareva from her “Of rain, aist and sheep or “Eyjafjallajökull lessons” before you go, though: 1) Be prepared to find yourself in a wet sleeping bag when it rains in Iceland; 2) It rains in Iceland most of the time; 3) When it doesn’t rain in Iceland, it gets freezing cold. Have a nice trip anyway!

– Different psychological studies have identified several classifications of personality types and the ways people of such types should be treated in various life situations. Gaya Oganesian described one of such classifications in her speech entitled “Like a president” and identified representatives of each type in the Toastmasters community.

– It is common knowledge that beauty is there to save the world. And women’s beauty is, beyond any doubt, at the forefront. Hardly anyone in WorldSurfers knows it better than Henry Norman, who proved this idea in a very vivid and dramatic manner in his personal story entitled “Magic power of female beauty“.

– Have you ever wondered what type of cat you are? The chances are that your answer is negative, which is, we’d say, rather anticipated. Neither had Emile Khalikov – at least not until he was suggested… to take such a test in the Internet. The story of this, as well as some other web features with doubtful sense, was told by Emile in his speech entitled “Different internet for different people”.

– For those who had long wondered what Italian pizza and Dodo bird had in common, Alexey Lobzov helped to solve the mystery – absolutely nothing!:) Nevertheless, his speech entitled “Dodo’s confusion” provided a profound insight into the business of the pretty famous pizza makers “Dodo pizza” and, most importantly, the origins of their name.

– Some people keep stones from the seaside as the memory of their vacation, others collect tickets from museums and historical buildings. During his speech entitled “The road less traveledAnton Shcheglov described his automobile trip around Spain and presented some things which he had romantically kept as memorable signs of his Spanish holidays – a copy of an accident declaration and a nail which made a blow-out in a tyre of his car.

– While the 4th participant, Henry Norman, praised the beauty of a woman, the last speaker had by no means a less decent and probably even more challenging task of praising the beauty of… rocks:) Sergey Saprykin in his speech entitled “Between a rock and a hard place” shared a hilarious personal story of how once he was trying to check in a rock as his luggage on a flight.

The clash was harsh, and we are delighted to announce our winners: the 3rd place went to Emile Khalikov – by the way, Emile’s project was an ice-breaker, and we sincerely congratulate him on such a successful start of his Toastmasters experience! The 2nd place was taken by Yuliya Tokareva and her exciting account of a trip around Iceland. And, finally, the winner of the Humorous Speech Contest is… Sergey Saprykin! We sincerely congratulate Sergey on this well-deserved victory and are happy to remind you that Sergey will represent our club in the Moscow Area Winter Conference on December 2nd in both English contests – Table Topics and Humorous Speeches. Don’t forget to register for the Conference to be able to support Sergey there!

Thank you all for the exciting contest and see you very soon!