Hey, WorldSurfers!
We have great pleasure in providing you with the detailed report of our club’s special meeting #83 which took place on August 29 in a form of a Panel Discussion!
First of all, WS meeting #83 boasted an exceptionally large number of speeches – we had four brilliant speakers delivering their projects from both CC and AC manuals.
Anastasia Shustova shared a few tips on how to live a happier life. She provided some components of a perfect beginning of the day in her CC project #2 entitled “The miracle morning” and encouraged us to believe that it’s ourselves who are the sole creators of our dream lives. Let us all follow Anastasia’s advice and get ourselves a miracle morning every day!
Nigyar Yusifova addressed some essential skills needed to become a leader. In her CC project #6 entitled “High heels on the highways” Nigyar presented two dramatically distinct examples of notable leaders – Adolf Hitler and Miranda Priestly – and proved that they still had one important skill in common – namely, perfect mastery of vocal dynamics, which is crucial for any person in charge.
Another simple yet inspiring suggestion on how to become happier in life came from our devoted VPE and a charming lady Gaya Oganesian. Gaya completed her CC track with a project #10 entitled «Smile, and the world will smile with you» and demonstrated an efficient application of inspirational oratory skills, as well as one visual aid in particular – her charming smile!:)
Have you ever wondered what distinguishes one human race from another? Or have you thought why some nations in history were conquerors while others fell victims of conquests? Will you be surprised to hear that the answer to these questions is… food? Or, to be more specific, the number of animal species which each nation had in its neighbourhood as candidades for domestication. Still intrigued what it has to do with world domination? Watch the video of Sergey Saprykin‘s project #5 entitled «Food production as a means for world domination» delivered within Speaking to inform manual and find it out!
After the speakers the floor was given to a team of five evaluators, each responsible for evaluating one particular public speaking skill in all the projects:
Maria Tikhomirova highlighted successful usage of vivid words and emphatic expressions;
Anton Shcheglov commented on the choice of speech topics;
Alex Lobzov was responsible for evaluating the effectiveness of presenters’ body language;
Pavel Kaptel spoke on how successful the speakers had been in terms of vocal variety;
Ekaterina Sakharova evaluated the structure, composition and logical flow of the speeches.
The Panel Discussion was masterfully led by Kristina Sharykina who summed up the evaluation session and provided her concluding remarks on the performance of every participant.
Thank you all for the productive meeting, and don’t forget to visit our Youtube channel to watch the videos of all the role-takers!
[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlL-OWFxfGw[/embedyt]