Hey, WorldSurfers!

What have you been up to recently? Got excited to hear that Moscow WS are going to rock the stage in Skolkovo this Saturday? Sure you did! And while you are surfing the upcoming jazz festival’s web page and thinking over what music and public speaking might have in common, we have prepared something fresh for you – a detailed report of Moscow WS meeting #82. Enjoy!

Last Tuesday one of the most experienced speakers of our TM community, Valeria Kholodkova (whose speech replaced Kristina Sharykina’s scheduled performance due to Kristina’s feeling unwell) inspired the audience to give up looking for lame excuses and finally start driving a car. In her CC repeated project #2 entitled “Highways and byways” Lera made a skillful comparison between driving and performing at Toastmasters and provided a non-conventional view on what skills could be upgraded in the course of driving.

Artur Tuzbekov shared his own formula of flying high. In his CC project #2 entitled “How to achieve BIG goals” Artur provided several components of how to successfully accomplish challenging tasks based on his own outstanding personal experience of completing a thriathlon distance.

The Table Topics Session, led by Marina Petrova, provided a perfect opportunity for the audience to test their creativity… as well as refresh the knowledge of the English alphabet:) Each participant was asked to tell a story based on some specific topic, starting every following sentence with the next letter of the alphabet. And, Believe us, you Can’t Do it Easily, but it’s big Fun and a Great Hype to Imagination:)

Thank you all for making WS meeting #82 as bright and memorable as it was and see you very soon!