Hey, WorldSurfers!

Summer is finally here, the temperature is up, and the sun is shining brightly! At our last meeting we shared our ways to withstand extreme heat during summer periods. Check out the detailed report of WS meeting #81!

For many people summer time is associated with renovation. If you happen to be one of those, you must have been, without any doubt, excited to hear Maria Tikhomirova delivering her CC project #3 “Renovation – breaking bad”. Maria told us how to keep cool in the course of home repairs and provided some valuable tips on how to organize renovation with minimum efforts and maximum efficiency.

If you have ever wondered what schools in other countries look like, you had a perfect chance to get a firsthand view from Yulia Tokareva at our club’s last meeting. In her CC project #4 entitled “What’s wrong with them” Yulia shared some observations about her school days in Kazakhstan, the U.S. and Finland and provided some portions of comparison with the Russian education system.

Ekaterina Sakharova encouraged us to explore the gift of giving, explaining why this ability is an inevitable part of happiness. By the way, it was Katya’s CC project #10 “Power of giving” that she completed on such an inspirational note. We congratulate you, Katya, on successfully achieving the Competent Communicator award!

Alex Konoplin, who has always been known for memorable, bright and audacious performances, took the charge of Table Topics. And this time he managed to keep up to the mark again by organizing a very lively impromptu session. Each participant was given a situation that would generally be considered negative, and was challenged to turn it into a positive scenario.

Thank you all for such a productive meeting and see you very soon!