Hey, WorldSurfers!
Last Tuesday we tried to summon some sunshine to Moscow at our club’s themed meeting #80 dedicated to the Sun. Find below the detailed report and photo gallery of the meeting.
Have you ever stopped to think whether you are an extrovert or an introvert? Do you prefer to speak in mind or say things out? What is your way of restoring energy – by staying alone for some time or socializing with friends? Elizaveta Zhukova encouraged each of us to find an answer to these questions in her CC project #3 “Networking for people who hate networking“.
If you constantly come across situations at work when you are forced to keep too many things in mind at a time or are repeatedly distracted from one major task by legions of inflowing e-mails, you would definitely have taken a lot of value out of Ivan Kravchenkos performance last Tuesday. In his CC project #3 entitled “It’s not worth your attention” Ivan spoke about the problem of information overload and how to deal with it.
You must have heard a famous quote by Oscar Wilde “The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it”. Anton Shcheglov proved that it works just the same way with our fears by… bringing a real huge tarantula to the meeting and turning his CC project #5 entitled “From feardom to freedom” into a truly breathtaking show! We encourage you to follow the example of our President and challenge your fears at the next meeting – not by jumping from the rooftop of the American Center, obviously, but rather by signing up for a vacant role and thus fighting your long-standing fear of public speaking!
Our charming, always enthusiastic and dedicated member Maya Zaynetdinova, who returned to Moscow during a break in her studies in the USA, led an exciting Table Topics session. Participants were provided with pieces of paper containing travel-related hint words and were encouraged to describe their lastvacation using those hints. At the 2nd meeting in a row we had two TT winners – this time, the blue ribbons went to Bogdan and Yury. Well done, guys!
Big thanks to all the participants and to our Toastmaster Gaya Oganesian for setting such a bright and warm topic of the meeting. Looking forward to seeing all of you next time!