How to succeed at Toastmasters? Be active! The more active you are at the meetings, the more consistently you deliver your projects, the more actively you participate in the club life – the more benefits you will gain from the experience. The Toastmasters program gets you started with the 2 basic manuals – Competent Communication and Competent Leadership – each consisting of 10 projects. One goes hand in hand with the other: you cannot become an outstanding Leader without having mastered your communication skills, and you cannot communicate effectively without knowing how to influence, motivate, persuade, entertain your audience, which is what stellar Leaders are good at. Thoughtout the course of those 10 projects you will gain invaluable skills – the nuts and bolts that every successful person must master. Upon having completed the 10 base projects you get the opportunity to choose from the myriad of Advanced Communication programs that Toastmasters has to offer, as well as to take up the challenge of getting your Leadership skills up to a new level by serving as a Club Executive or running a complex project of your choice as part of the High performance leadership program. At the end every Toastmaster member has an opportunity to apply for the Accredited Speaker designation.