Here’s a 5-minute intro to the world of Toastmasters and the workings of WorldSurfers.

Toastmasters is the global community of volunteers committed to developing their public speaking and leadership skills. The base unit of Toastmasters is a club which typically has 20-30 members. At regular club meetings, members and guests perfect their public speaking by actually delivering their prepared speeches (usually 5-7 mins long) and also practicing impromptu speeches (2-3 mins long). The crucial part of each meeting is peer evaluation, when members give their feedback to speakers and meeting as a whole in an unbiased and encouraging way. Find out more at and in our special website section here:

Moscow Area is an umbrella organization uniting all Moscow-based Toastmasters clubs. It coordinates the activities of all these clubs and organizes Moscow-wide educational events (conferences & officer trainings). The International Summer Conference is the most important event run by the Moscow Area; lots of guests from abroad take part in it. Find out more about the Area at and


WorldSurfers is a Toastmasters club based in Moscow, Russia. It was founded in February 2014 by some public speaking enthusiasts. It has since grown by prominence as one of the most active and creative Moscow clubs targeting mostly students and young professionals. The club is bubbling with various activities: special themed meetings (with themes varying from literature to dance), speech marathons and “green contests”. We are also very active in teambuilding organizing movies goings-out, volley matches, and running events.