Each Toastmasters club is run by a team of dedicated volunteers. In June of each year the club members vote for the new Executive Committee officers. WorldSurfers Executive Committee 2018-2019 is represented by:

Diana Al-Zubi, CC

Contact her regarding any questions to do with the club at 

Vice President of Membership 
Kate Lapteva

Contact her if you want to became a memeber of our beloved club, or want to get a minor role during the meeting, like Timer, Ah-Counter, Grammarian, Thought/Joke of the day – 

Vice President of Operations
Ivan Shileaev

Contact him if you want to be a Toastmaster, or Table Topics Master of the evening at

Vice President of Education
Victoria Zhiltsova

Contact her if you want to schedule your speech, to become a Personal or General Evaluator at 

Vice President of Public Relations
Artur Tuzbekov

Contact him if have ideas on how to promote our club, or if you have some skills which could help us make our meetings, posts, mailings etc. even better – 

The team members have their own sets of responsibilities:

  • President oversees the whole work of the Executive commitee, sets goals and tasks for his team members, and also opens and closes the club meetings.
  • Vice President Membership helps newcomers join the club and assigns them minor roles, handles all the paperwork related to membership.
  • Vice President of Operations invites the Toastmaster and Table Topic Master for each meeting, helps the newcomer with joining the club, and takes care of all the materials for the meetings.
  • Vice President Education is responsible for the educational and leadership development of all members and takes care of assigning speaking slots to members.
  • Vice President Public Relations spreads the word about the club and its activities on the Web and Social Networks and keeps the audience updated about the club meetings.