Each Toastmasters club is run by a small team of dedicated volunteers. This team is called the Executive Committee. The team members have their own sets of responsibilities:

  • President oversees the whole work of the Executive commitee, sets goals and tasks for his team members, and also opens and closes the club meetings;
  • Vice President Education is responsible for the educational and leadership development of all members and takes care of assigning speaking slots to members;
  • Vice President Membership helps turn newcomers into club members and handles all the paperwork related to membership;
  • Vice President Public Relations spreads the word about the club and its activities on the Web and social networks and keeps the audience updated about the club meetings;
  • Secretary assignes supporting roles to members and guests alike and also prints out all the materials for the meetings;
  • Treasurer keeps track of all the club expenses and revenue and processes the membership fee payments;
  • Sergeant at Arms does other useful work when needed (recording and posting videos of speeches on the club Youtube channel etc.)

In June of each year the club members vote for the new Executive Committee officers. In Toastmasters year 2017-2018 the Executive Commitee is represented by:


Anton Shcheglov

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VP Education 
Gaya Oganesyan, CC

  • Economist, graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University (has 2 diplomas with honours)
  • Now is working and studying at Lomonosov Moscow State University
  • Interested in photography, traveling, art, swimming

VP Membership
Nigyar Yusifova

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VP Public Relations
Nastya Kolodina

  • Graduated from MGIMO with honours in 2012 (bachelor degree in economics) and 2014 (master’s degree in management, triple diploma of MGIMO, ICN Business school and University of Bologna)
  • Won 2015 Autumn Speech Contest
  • Fond of dancing, cooking and football

Ivan Kravchenko


Valerya Zakharova

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